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Using an array of techniques and styles, illustrators evoke stories and meaning in a variety of mediums, from editorial illustration in magazines and newspapers, to comics books, to activist media.

Get a glimpse into architectural thought and theory at MIT’s Departure of Architecture.

Design and business can no longer be thought of as distinct activities with individual goals. Design the New Business is a film dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are […]

Logos surround us in digital and physical space, but we rarely examine the thought and artistic thinking that goes into the design of these symbols. Utilizing a silent vocabulary of […]

Creators of title sequences are tasked to invent concepts that evoke the core story and themes of the production, and to create a powerful visual experience that pulls the viewer […]

The project: The development of a typeface from a pen.

Design the New Business is a documentary that explores the relationship between design and business and how they are affecting each other.

We swim in an ocean of products. Behind each one, there is someone (hopefully) thinking about the way we experience it

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