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The desktop image “Bliss” by photographer Charles O’Rear.

Many portrait photographers today elevate their work from mere photo to art, communicating ideas and capturing the human subject with dignity, all while exploring the meaning and potential of portraiture.

Documentary on Argentinian artist Irina Werning, she recreates people cherished old photo’s.

One of the primary tools for measurement and observation is imaging using cameras connected to powerful telescopes on Earth and in space.

Emeka Okereke leads a busload of artists and photographers for the Invisible Borders road trip of a lifetime as they search for new ways to portray their continent and explore […]

Beijing Silvermine is a unique photographic portrait of the capital and the life of its inhabitants following the Cultural Revolution.

Jill was married only 3 month when she lost both breast to breast cancer, she was only 32 years old. Now 35, she has been diagnosed with incurable stage 4 […]

We follow photographer Donald Weber to the buffer zone at Fukushima, Japan.

Filmmaker Seán Ó Cualáin explores the story behind the world famous photograph taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932.

Li Wei takes us behind the scenes of his unbelievable photo productions, tells us what it feels like to be suspended from the side of a tall building, and speculates […]

Today publishers and newspapers spend more and more money on stock images instead of hiring a photographer. Fernando Martins travelled to Denmark to meet the king of stock images.

In commemoration of its 75th and final year, a documentary look at the first color film and the last lab in the world that processed it. And it won’t get […]

Light painting dates back to Man Ray, but contemporary photographers are taking the practice of “painting light” onto long-exposure photographs to a new level.

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