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After serving in every major conflict since the early 1960s the USS Enterprise has now finally been decommissioned.

Two decades on from the cold war, European military forces are still coming to terms with reduced peacetime roles. As most EU nations abandon military conscription, they face a tough […]

Over 100,000 United States Veterans are homeless every year. In this one-hour documentary, filmmaker Issac Goeckeritz takes viewers into the largely invisible world of homeless veterans and the difficult, but […]

SOFEX takes place every two years in Amman. Over the course of a week, more than 12,000 attendees tromped around 30-odd tents staked across the desert, hosting approximately 300 vendors. […]

What is the role of drones and robots in wars and how will they shape the future of the US military?

Treating patients with life-threatening injuries is always a challenge. This film shows the “routine” in handling a medical emergency at the height of the Iraq War, beset by heat, sand, […]

War is hell, but for Hollywood it has been a Godsend, providing the perfect dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts and minds of the movie going public.

9/11: It was a PR stunt which killed thousands and launched a propaganda war that has, so far, lasted a decade.

Colombia’s former FARC guerrillas must live with the regrets of their past and the deadly temptations of the present.

Filmmaker John D McHugh was embedded with units from the US 4th infantry division in the city of Kandahar and the surrounding region, he describes the progress he witnessed while […]

Award-winning filmmaker Vaughan Smith spent 10 days with a US Medevac helicopter unit in Afghanistan.

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