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The 2014 Winter Games have cost Russia about $50 billion, making them the most expensive in history.

Ahead of Sochi’s Olympics, we ask how the Kremlin will handle the news coverage that comes with hosting the games.

In part 3, we take a look at the claims corporate sponsors are using as a PR stunt to cover up their checkered environmental and humanitarian pasts.

It’s not just politicians, capitalists, sportsmen, and protestors who are obsessed with the Olympics. Pornographers, gangsters, and alien conspiracy theorists are pretty excited about it too.

What does China sacrifice in its relentless pursuit of gold?

Just in time Vice magazine takes an in-depth look at the British public’s reaction to The Games coming to London this summer and the negative impact it’s having on certain […]

Rajat Mittal has found that the deep catch stroke, resembling a paddle, has the edge over sculling, the bent-arm, propeller-inspired motion.

The film investigates alleged violations of environmental standards by a key sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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