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Soliris is a life-saving drug, with a half a million dollar a year price tag. Patients are fighting for the government to foot the bill, but not challenging the drug […]

The evidence from Portugal since 2001 is that decriminalisation of drug use and possession has benefits and no harmful side-effects.

Today’s Medellin drug cartels are highly structured and run much like multinational corporations.

Jamaica’s first medicinal marijuana company, Medicanja, launched this year against a backdrop of reinvigorated debate around ganja law reform among leading policymakers.

Khat is a chewable herbal stimulant, popular among the UK’s Somali and Yemeni communities. Despite there being little or no evidence that the drug causes harm to its users, the […]

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children.

Getting to know one of Alabama’s most successful meth cooks… When AMC’s Breaking Bad premiered in 2008, one of Alabama’s most successful meth cooks was already knee deep in building […]

Find out how easy it is to buy guns, drugs, and other contraband online.

Every August, while Europe’s bankers, lawyers, and other desk jockeys shut off their phones and head to the beach, the junkies of Prague set up camp in the poppy fields […]

You might not know who Arjan Roskam is, but you’ve probably smoked his weed. Arjan’s been breeding some of the most famous marijuana strains in the world

Colombian drug traffickers up the ante with homemade coke-smuggling submarines.

An innovative film about the daily grind for a drug dealer.

A documentary about prescription drug abuse and the pain clinics in South Florida that have become the source of a black market trade in pills.

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