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The film heads to Denver–ground zero for cannabis legalization, and home to a booming tech sector in what could be called the Silicon Valley of weed–to inhale the newest high-tech […]

The state of Guerrero (which means “warrior”) is one of the poorest in Mexico and the site of some of the worst violence in the battle between the drug cartels […]

This report investigates how ‘bath salts’ are wreaking havoc across the USA as the number of addicts grows.

Needle Exchange tells the story of Spencer and Glenn, two best friends who helped each other swap their heroin habits with a passion for tattoos.

An insight into the life of Ida, a young woman trying to survive in Kuala Lumpur’s red light district.


The film captures the story of a heroin addict and male prostitute on the streets of Los Angeles.

The global war on drugs has failed. It is time for a new approach.

In 2004, the World Health Organization released its global status report on alcohol and health, finding Uganda as the top contender for per capita alcohol consumption in the world.

Take a trip to Amsterdam to learn about the ban of psychedelic mushrooms and the rise of truffles that contain psilocybin.

The filmcrew went to Otherside farms, one of California’s premier medical marijuana shops. They showed them how they use pot to help patients cope with serious illnesses the natural way, […]


Ever wonder what British Columbia’s most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include marijuana? If you haven’t, think again.

Is the US lending financial support to a police force and army linked to a campaign of extra-judicial killings?

The drug of a choice for a new generation, this 21st century narcotic is popular both out on the party scene and as an intense hallucinogenic trip at home.

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