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In Qatar, 4000 workers will die to put on the 2022 Football World Cup. This staggering figure indicates the slave-like conditions the builders of football’s most expensive construction project are […]

Coach Kevin Kelley instructs his players to never punt, never field punts, and only do onside kicks, and he claims that math backs up his innovative philosophy.

While the Premier League becomes a play thing for foreign owners and tourists, football is re-emerging elsewhere.

A short documentary film on former New York Giant Chad Jones—a star athlete from LSU whose promising professional career was put on hold by a tragic car accident before it […]

With the possible exception of their most fervent supporters, few people would have expected the match between Unione Sportiva Cremonese and Pagenese to be anything special. But it set off […]

An up-to-date look at Britain’s most impassioned and notorious sporting rivalry. After the passing of a new government bill criminalising sectarian abuse at football matches, and with Rangers on the […]

A short documentary about kids playing in a football team called Margatania FC. They have fun and enjoy the game, but the team has one problem: They have never ever […]

Top football referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November […]

A touching film about the sport of blind football. Filmmaker Chris Bridger from Bournemouth portraits the blind sportsman Simon Hill and tells his fascinating story.

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