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Green: Death of The Forests

An extraordinary visual essay about deforestation in Indonesia as experienced through the eyes of a dying orangutan called Green, whose habitat has been totally destroyed. This story is told entirely without words. Stunning images of the natural world and its biodiversity are counter-pointed with scenes of their destruction and the resulting cruelty to animals. The film takes viewers on an emotional journey, following Green’s final days and revealing the devastating impact of logging, land-clearing and palm oil plantations.

NOTE: This film contains upsetting scenes including cruelty to animals.

  • Ankush Katakwar

    when people like ministers or who ever is the head of wildlife or people related to this things cannot stop this  cruelty then they are useless people and dont worth this jobs. 

    I beg u people to please please stop this cruelty towards this speechless animals.
    Also i know this message will not make any difference or i cannot but if any one can help these poor animals please help them or try to do it and i will pray my god to do justice for them .

    Or if any one can help me in doing justice or need me to help this please contact me on ankushkatakwar@hotmail.com

    Thank you!!!

    • Ankush Katakwar

      Please send me suggestions or contact me with your ideas or plans if we can make any difference 

      Please help these poor animals

  • Mux

    To whom it may concern,

    this documentary, as many others, should be nothing but remind you on one clear message. We are all living our lives at the expense of other lives, lifeforms and the entire natural world. That is the inconvenient truth about living. However, the extent to which we and foremost our western society is living at the cost of the natural world is something which each and everyone can challenge. Nobody can tell me he has no impact, it is what we consume that requires resources – resources which have to be taken from somewhere. And that’s where the ethical side of consumption should make everybody revise their own behavior in a thoughtful manner. Do we need to consume products which are designed to fall apart after a while to trigger further consumption or which are produced to be wasted with little or no purpose at all? There is something wrong with our society and the way we reckless foster more and more economic growth and consider it prosperity while forgetting about the sacrifice this makes to the natural world which we, ironically, vitally rely on. This is utterly sad, but once and for all: Behind each product has to be a consumer, therefore try to be at least a sovereign consumer and make wiser decisions on which products you really need, which are justifiable and finally the ones which you should boycott in order to cut consumers support – because without that and the financial payback no company can produce anything with a dirty background.

Duration: 47:15
Language: EN
Resolution max: 360p
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Core Observation
Published on: 2012-03-15
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Ø Rating: 5.00