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Syria – Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

A 15 minute documentary film about the war in Syria, directed by American Matthew VanDyke who was a former prisoner of war and combat veteran of the Libyan Revolution in 2011.

The film tells the story of the Syrian struggle for freedom as experienced by a 32 year old rebel commander, Mowya, and a 24 year old female journalist, Nour Kelze, in Aleppo, Syria.

The film clearly and concisely shows why the Syrian people are fighting for their freedom, told through the emotional words of two powerful characters whose lives have been turned upside down and torn apart by war.

This documentary film was a very personal project for director Matthew VanDyke. Having fought in the Libyan Revolution in 2011, he identified with Syrian Revolution and was compelled to make a film that would show the world who the Syrian rebels are and what they are fighting for. In this spirit, he hopes to eventually release the film in 20 languages so that people around the world can truly understand the fight for freedom in Syria.

Filming in Syria was dangerous and difficult. VanDyke and Kelze faced aerial bombardment, artillery, mortars, snipers, and the persistent threat of kidnapping. In addition, VanDyke was branded a terrorist by the Assad regime on the Syrian State TV channels.

This will take a continuous effort. Please step up and join the team. Each of you must do your part each day to spread this film and its message if it is going to have the impact it was created to have.
If you care about Syria, about humanity, about the right of men and women to choose their own leaders and destiny, about liberty and justice for ALL, then this is YOUR film.

Desription by Matthew VanDyke

Duration: 14:30
Country: Syria
City: Aleppo
Language: EN
CC available: SQ, AR, ZH-HK, ZH, ZH-CN, CS, EN, FR, DE, EL, IT, JA, FA, ES, ES-MX, TR
Resolution max: 1080p
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Matthew VanDyke
Published on: 2013-09-20
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Ø Rating: 4.50