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The Last Rhino

The rhinoceros is one of Africa’s iconic animals, but greed and corruption, myth and superstition have brought the rhino to the brink of extinction. For millenia its best protection, the rhino’s horn has become its worst enemy.

Rhino horn is now worth more than gold and demand for it is at an all-time high. South Africa, which has the largest reserves of the wild animal, is a prime hunting ground for poachers. In 2010, South Africa lost 333 rhino to poaching and this number is expected to double in 2012.

In a personal journey, Jonah Hull encounters greed, ignorance and corruption – highlighting how South Africa became the epicentre of rhino poaching. What caused the global epidemic and how does it threaten the survival of a species?

  • juan pablo rodriguez

    shame on laws and people involved in pertimt poaching!!

  • Hyungnam Gu

    Contrary to popular belief, the market for rhino horn is not largely driven by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine specifically. Rather, Vietnamese are currently the biggest consumers of rhino horn and Vietnamese demand drives most of the poaching which has shot up to record levels. Some wealthy Vietnamese inhale the powdered horn as a status symbol; in Europe and Vietnam, rhino horn is believed by some to have aphrodisiac properties.

  • Hyungnam Gu

    It is a common misconception that rhinoceros horn in powdered form is used as an aphrodisiac or a cure for cancer in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Cornu Rhinoceri Asiatici (犀角, xījiǎo, “rhinoceros horn”); no TCM text in history has ever mentioned such prescriptions. Western media has falsely propagated this idea for a long time and to an extent, that it eventually caught on in Vietnam. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), rhino horn is considered an effective medicine sometimes prescribed for fevers and convulsions, a treatment not supported by evidence-based medicine and has been compared to consuming fingernail clippings in water.

Duration: 47:26
Country: RSA
City: Siyancuma Local Municipality
Language: EN
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Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Al Jazeera English
Published on: 2012-12-04
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