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In God We Trust?

Filmmaker Scott Burdick was given a DVD of a protest rally in the small town of King,[NC]. He was shocked by the sight of five thousand people waving Christian Flags and cheering one of the speakers when he said that everyone there should “encourage” those who weren’t Christian in the area to move somewhere else. “My first reaction was anger and I told my wife, Susan, we were going to put our house up for sale the next day and move somewhere more tolerant. But the next morning, I decided that I would do something else first. I took my video camera down to the Veteran’s Memorial in King’s Public Park and started interviewing people.”

Comment by Richard Dawkins:
“The whole film is long, but well worth watching. One highlight, for me, was the spectacularly stupid woman around 0:22:40. She begins by denying that God could ever sanction slavery. Scott then gets her to read aloud the relevant passage from Leviticus and she then completely changes her tune, saying that homosexuality is worse than slavery. That’s right: homosexuality is WORSE than slavery. Why? Because the Bible condemns homosexuality and (as she has just that minute learned from Scott) it doesn’t condemn slavery.”

  • purplecretin

    Neo colonialism is a harsh reality for several developing and underdeveloped nations across the world today.It’s also quite an impactful cultural phenomenon. I’m assuming the system is such that a lot of people across the world end up trusting in God, whether they accept it or not.

  • anonymous

    42:58: “We have pandas!”

  • Sam

    This is true in MOST part of America, not just here. So much for forcing down democracy in OTHER people’s land! It is funny US call people who attack American Army “terrorist”, while if China invade US with Chinese Army, people in US will call Chinese Army attackers “heros”!

  • Mike Jones

    Who the hell wants to go visit the memorial for their dead family members or friends and have to see the stupid christian hillbilly flag from the retards who believe in their imaginary God who sees and hears all and lives in the clouds. Oh I almost forgot the best part he is invisible and no one can prove he exists LOL. I have a couple bridges to sell you if you believe that.

  • Mike Jones

    The Christians argument here is well they are Muslim nations why can’t we be a christian nation? LOL Look at what is going on over there should we start rounding up and shooting all non believers? What about honor killing are daughters is that okay too? That is exactly what we are fighting against they are just too brainwashed to see this.

  • Mike Jones

    So the Christians hijacked the monument, typical of them.

  • Studying_Nomad

    19:38 omg, crazy eyes, calm it down with your Christianist.

Duration: 02:06:03
Country: United States
City: King
Language: EN
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Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Scott Burdick
Published on: 2012-05-11
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