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Ryanair pilots speak out about the cost-cutting measures endangering lives. From flying with too little fuel to pilots unfit to fly, the airline may be riding too close to the […]

A story about Agustin, a man who has spent 50 years building a helicopter despite losing the use of his legs to Polio.

We all have seen plenty of videos on the web with planes flying through clouds, hazadous crosswind landing approaches etc. This video does not show drama but fantastic angles simultaneously […]

Frequent Flyer is a 20-minute documentary about frequent flyer miles, the people who collect them, and the world of airports and airplanes that they inhabit.

Some ideas how the European company sees the airtransport in 2050: Walls that change according to light conditions, holographic pop-up gaming displays and passenger’s body heat powering in-flight entertainment.

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