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Love Commandos in India

In traditional India, love that dishonours family can lead to death. These so-called “honour killings” are illegal in India, but that hasn’t stopped the practice.

Nooren, a Muslim, and Rahul, a Hindu, fell in love while working together at a cell phone store. They kept their romance a secret, but when Nooren’s family found out, they threatened to kill the couple.

“We talked to her parents but they both denied for our relationship. And they
told us if you think about marriage or carry on your relationship forward then we will
attempt suicide or kill you,” says Rahul.

Nooren’s parents locked her up inside the family home to keep the couple apart. But the first chance she got to escape, she met up with Rahul and they took off in a rental car. No matter what happens now, Nooren and Rahul know they can never go back home.

“Everybody is sitting in the town. Hundreds of people. Waiting when will we get there and they will kill us. They want to kill us,” Rahul says. “Love Commandoes have saved us.”

Those “Love Commandos” are volunteers based in India’s capital city, New Delphi, who rescue and protect young couples in danger. They provide a safe house to protect couples on the run.

“Love is not a crime,” says Rahul. “But the government is not supporting us. That is why cops are searching for us. Just two days ago her brothers came looking for us with the police.”

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Published on: 2013-02-17
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