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Four Horsemen – Revealing the fundamental flaws in the economic system

As the global economy continues to veer from crisis to catastrophe – many more people are looking for wise counsel on how to reshape the Western Economy. Over the last three years 23 global thinkers – many of whom have been marginalized have come together to break their silence and explain how the world really works. Their views transcend mainstream media and short term political explanations to describe simple terms what needs to be addressed in our universities, governments and corporate structures. Ee will not be returning to “business as usual”.

Four Horseman doesn’t get involved in the banker bashing, criticizing politicians or conspiracy theories. The film looks at the systems that we have chosen to live under and suggests ways we could change them.

Four horsemen is an independent, self-funded emplyee owned film. The young team of filmmakers made it so we could begin to think about ushering a new economic paradigminto the world that would dramatically improve the quality of lives across all countries.

With events veering out of the control of democratic governments and the global economy on life support for the foreseeable future Four Horsemen is a catalyst to bring a debate around the solutions we urgently need.

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Published on: 2013-09-18
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Ø Rating: 4.94